For a year I refused to hear them. What trendy band was this, and how dare they traduce the greatest songwriter of them all? Pop arrangements in ENGLISH. Ugh! One day I saw that they were to perform at one of my favourite venues. I went online and heard and saw a performance of ‘Auf dem Wasser zu singen’ that blew me and all my prejudices away. Not only are the Erlkings paving the way for a new generation of Schubert fans (there were more young faces in the audience than I’ve seen at any other concert hall), they are also offering a new perspective on a repertoire already prized by so many. Every arrangement and translation demonstrates a true love and respect for Schubert as well as a willingness to break from convention and discover new facets of these wonderful songs. As a life-long student of Schubert’s Lieder, I consider the Erlkings to be a most precious addition to his legacy.

Richard Stokes
Professor of Lieder at the Royal Academy of Music, London

Bryan Benner

Lied singer, guitarist and poet. Bryan is known far and wide as the Wandering Schubadour and is the proud founder of The Erlkings.

Ivan Turkalj

Cellist, genre hopping chameleon and proud musical refugee. Ivan is the secret ingredient of The Erlkings.

Gabriel Hopfmüller

Brass player, whistler, and long dinstance tour-van driver. Gabriel is the sharp-eared musical mastermind of The Erlkings.

Thomas Toppler

Percussionist, stage and film director. Topsy is the laughing, beating heart at the heart of The Erlkings.